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Hello world!

January 14, 2012

Groans of “Oh no.. not ANOTHER new food and Chef blog..” the www. cries… I’ll burst at the cyber- seams if anyone else tries force feeding me grains of excessively-fatty food chat, maturing me into a techie piece of rich foie gras…

Well www I’m sure you can squeeze me in as I shouldn’t take up too much space here.. not for now at least.. I’ve got my first new-born baby on the way, due in just a few weeks time so that may well impede my writings, we will see how it all goes he says with inexplicable trepidation..

So here we go then, I’ll take a deep breath and waffle on a bit about myself and my connection and love with food then I guess…

I’m an English Chef of 21 and a bit years experience, (unfortunately not age..) who is in the midst of taking a full hearted leap into the unknown, a fair-sized life change you could say is  beginning to happen… Recently I moved from the UK to Sweden as I’m taking a year out of employment to be a first time Dad with my beloved girlfriend of 4 years. Our baby is due in a couple of weeks and we still can’t quite believe it to be true.. I’ve been here in Stockholm all of 2 months, not worked for 4 and starting to miss the kitchen life a little and especially the food so I figured why not just write about it with all this free time on my hands? I kind of wish I started sooner but “better late than never” is a motto I grew up with and will always pull out the bag now and then when it suits the mood.

“A passion for food – Cooking and eating”

This statement will always be work in progress for me as it waxes, wains and evolves all the time but it always there under the surface, it’s just a question of having my culinary chords struck, be it by the humble yet divine smell of freshly baked bread to stir the senses, coupled with the satisfaction and pride in producing your own prize loaf… Or a Chef coming up to me with that passionate sparkle in their eyes as they tell me of a great idea or new dish they ate or want to try… it could also be experiencing a rare treat in a 3 Michelin star tasting menu over 5 mind-blowing hours or so in equally wonderful company. Point being many things can stir that passion, here is my small nook in the world where I can share and express my food passion.

My childhood experiences with food ranged from mostly enjoying only fish and chips basically and not a great deal else so I over indulged in fatty foods as my parents owned a successful fish and chip shop for 14 years or so of my childhood. That experience to well done roast beef for Sunday lunch because “that was how Dad wanted it..” which stirs memories of storing the overcooked and seemingly endlessly chewed on piece of beef in the side of my mouth, then asking with that same mouthful to be excused from the table to go to the bathroom, then to flush the horrid pieces of meat away down the toilet! I really didn’t care much for food during my childhood and fell into Cheffing as a second choice to art as I didn’t make the grades for that path so catering college it was. I seemed to take to cooking like a duck to water, not with much passion really to start with, I just got on and did it without too many complaints. Then finally into my early 20’s I experienced my first fine dining meal at a restaurant called Willows in Ashington, West Sussex which at the time held 2 AA rosettes and that really paved the way forward for me as I never knew food could taste so good! I took the decision to leave my job at the time in a 2 bit hotel where at the age of 21 or so and as “Head Chef” and having achieved 1 AA rosette there for the food (at that age I thought rosettes were only given to horses in comps, not to Chefs for their food!) I decided I wanted to work in a top restaurant whatever that meant and learn to cook food that was as good if not better than I experienced in Willows. I won’t recite my full C.V in this post,  but from there on in, I chose to only work in places that cooked great food. A few places were of a 1 Michelin star standard, most were aspiring towards it or hovering just below it but good food it was and good food it always will be. I just wanted to introduce myself basically and talk about how I discovered and unlocked my passion for food and cooking.

“My blog”

What do I want to achieve here? Well, first and foremost, writing fame and fortune no? just like every other blogger desires! Whilst I wouldn’t say no, the chances being more likely for me to live on the moon but I do wish to express and share my passion for food in ideas, recipes, photos, experiences.. if I get any readers and they ask me any questions, hopefully then to offer advice on food and cooking and a have a general natter with whatever comes to mind about food really. I really enjoy helping others learn about cooking and food and helping them where I can for them to get over any difficulties they have in the kitchen. Maybe this blog will wain just as quickly as it opened.. time will tell but I’ve enjoyed the beginning, lets see where the voyage takes me and possibly a reader or 2 aswell! If you made it this far then many thanks for doing so…

Happy cooking and eating all!

  1. I wish you a lot of luck in your new blog, new life in Sweden and New baby on the way!! Looking forward to hearing all about it (Or about a lot of tasty food!)

    • thank you megalamom for your kind wishes! all very exciting changes happening and nice to hear from another ex pat. Liking your blog too!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    I absolutely love your blog Gavin. Can’t wait to see what is next, and loved hearing about your beginnings. Keep it going for all of us who appreciate you.

  3. Wallace Shum permalink

    Brilliant la !!! 🙂

  4. Anonymous permalink

    U r one of my favourite chef to work with and had so much to learn but i missed it now. Good luck for ur future plan. U will be one the of best dad and i wish u all the best for every step of urs.

    • Thanks Jay, kind words from you as always. Missing you too and I hope you are well? Send me some news about your new job, I’m sure you are excelling in it.

      Best, Gavin

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