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A bit about me..

January 16, 2012

Born and bred in Sussex, UK, aged 39 yrs going on 5.. Recently moved to Stockholm, Sweden to be with my wonderful girlfriend of 4 years as we are having our first baby in just a few weeks time.

I’m highly passionate about food, been a professional Chef for 21 years since I was 18, although as other posts will say, wasn’t “into” my food until early 20’s unless it was fish and chips or KFC! Since then professionally it has become a quest to find the best recipes, cooking and creating dishes to the highest level I can achieve by sheer hard work and more recently finding that work/life balance whilst exploring the endless journey of cooking great food from the simplest but tastiest of home recipes to understanding the concepts and philosophies of the world’s finest of Chefs. I love helping people with recipes and teaching them to cook and truly believe that no one should be afraid of trying a new recipe or an idea they have in the kitchen. Cooking to me means there are no mistakes, just learning curves… sounds a cliche but it’s true, nothing ventured, nothing gained…  It’s about finding out or teaching ways to understand food better and to learn how to achieve what it is you want to achieve in the kitchen. Perhaps a bit like life really to get a tad philosophical for a mo!

Future plans for me – Well I’m currently taking a year out of work to raise our first child, with a view to get back into employment mid to late 2012. In the meantime you will find me head buried deep in changing nappies and feeding a hopefully quiet baby and if I do find any free time, with some of it I’ll most likely be reading and writing the occasional food blog here and there to keep in touch with one of my passions in life as well as enjoying and discovering my new ‘baby’ passion too of course.

Happy cooking all! 🙂


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