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Pan roasted Cod, mushroom risotto

January 18, 2012

Continuing on the theme of Italian dishes, alot of which are my favourite to cook and eat, here is a recipe for the risotto, plus a few pics on this post of what myself and girlfriend just had for lunch. No we don’t eat like this everyday unfortunately but I had some home made mushroom stock left over in the freezer to use up so mushroom risotto it was with pan roasted cod and a tomato and olive dressing.. It’s a hard life I know at times.. πŸ˜‰

Happy cooking all!

"herdy gurdy.. herdy gurdy..!"


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  1. This looks nice. I’ll try it soon!

  2. Looks great and delish! Glad to see you worked out the photos, makes for a much better entry! I will certainly try some of your recipe’s soon, once I am a little more comfortable with cooking haha. Do you have trouble finding ingredients in Sweden?

    • Hi!

      yes have had a little trouble getting ingredients and just work around it. Got my parents sending me a food parcel with some English branded ingredients to feel at home with in the next couple weeks πŸ˜‰
      Best of luck with your cooking and please feel free to ask for advise if you need to as Im always happy to help out where I can!
      Enjoy Sweden!

  3. looks good! mine is different though!

    • Hi Pinuccia!

      thanks for the compliment although I’m not happy with the pics.. looked much better for real lol..

      Many ways to do risotto I know, interested to know how is yours different?

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