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January 22, 2012

From an early age I grew up with a closeness to fish in my life as my parents owned a fish and chip shop from when I was 2 years old onwards, up until I reached the age of 17. My Father taught me the basics of fish filleting from the age of approx 15 and used to take me fishing which probably partially goes to explain it being one of my favourite foods to cook and eat til this present day.

Here I just wanted to share a couple of my personal favourite fish dishes created in the past. Will add more to this category when I get more time. I hope you enjoy!


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  1. Beautiful dishes! Would love to learn a few pointers about fish from you!

    • Thanks Imported Kiwi! fire away as happy to help where I can, what would you like to know?

      • Haha, you are asking for trouble with such an open ended invite! I simply would just love to hear any inside tip coming from a chef with such a long history working with fish 🙂 Do you have an absolute favourite recipe?

      • posted about this for you, any other questions feel free to ask!

        as for a fav recipe, hmmm… will have to give that some thought as not sure about you but I find favourites come and go with the mood at the time!

  2. Ha, agree! I definitely cook depending on what I feel like. Very curious as to how your seabass with vanilla and braised fennel taste. Looks awesome!

  3. Thanks Imported Kiwi, will post the recipe for the vanilla sauce to go with the bass 😉

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