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Recipe – Aloo Tikki “gnocchi”

February 2, 2012

Part of being a Chef and cook which I enjoy is the experimentation in the kitchen – I’m a total believer that “nothing ventured, nothing gained” and love the burst of excitement when a new idea pops up into my head and the motivation and energy that follows to try out that idea.. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but the previous philosophy still remains and I’d rather know either way and at least know that it has been attempted, even if it didn’t work out..which is often the case!

So after a “missing home” kind of  lunch of “bangers and mash” the other day, I had some leftover mash (sweet potato and white potato) and made some more aloo tikki as posted recently. I got thinking, “why not take the aloo mix and make some potato gnocchi with it for a fusion style of dish?” or you could take the same principle with bubble and squeak mix too why not?

So I took 300g of the aloo mix, added 1 egg, 100g of spelt flour to make the potato gnocchi mix, then rather than make small dumplings, I made sausage shapes (which we used to make this shape in my previous job for various vegetarian gnocchi dishes) and here’s the end result we had for lunch yesterday – An East meets West style of vegetarian dish, A taste of India, Thailand and Italy all rolled into one midweek lunch 🙂

Aloo tikki “gnocchi” with Thai panang curry





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  1. hi chef! it definitely looks like very unusual to an Italian but I’m open to all kind of food and I’m so very curious to taste your creations!!!! why don’t you write a book?

    • I would if anyone would buy it!
      Glad you enjoyed anyway. Was basically potato gnocchi with fine dice onion, garlic, chilli and cumin if that helps imagine the taste. The panang curry is like a mild Thai red curry 🙂

  2. A good read! Totally agree with experimentation in the kitchen as this is the only way of breaking out of food routines.

    • Thanks Gastrorob for the comment, glad you enjoyed. Yes you are quite right, no point in the fear of failure as it’s the only way to learn from mistakes and we all make plenty of those at some point! but the little successes makes it all worth while 🙂

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