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Nova celebration lunch

February 21, 2012

With a little routine starting to form in our day to day lives and our beloved Nova beginning to settle down a bit too, I have found a bit of free time to post again.. I fear for speaking too soon here that our dear Nova who is beside me asleep as I type, will wake at any moment for food or a nappy change so I find myself typing that little bit quieter, as opposed to the usual elephant stampede across my keyboard..

So, what could be more apt than to write a bit about the celebration lunch I cooked for my girlfriend and her parents at the weekend where they met their Grand daughter for the first time, thus welcoming Nova into the family?

Well the preparations of menu planning and ingredient sourcing started about a week before the visit and coupled with the desire to celebrate Nova’s arrival with her Grandparents and the restless urge to cook fine food again, I was keen to get cracking on the menu. I typed up a draft of the menu  below, along with my “mis en place” list at the bottom.

Nova lunch menu Sunday 19th February 2012

Iberico chorizo and Iberico pata negra
Aioli, romesco and pesto
Baby salad, candied tomatoes
Organic spelt flour foccacia

Slow roasted Swedish beef rib eye
Sweet potato and confit garlic puree
Fondant shallots, celeriac and white truffle oil puree
5 week aged beef and red wine vinegar jus

Organic 70% dark chocolate fondant, carrot cake
Carrot crisps, lingonberry and orange caramel
Coconut and lime ice cream, basil leaves

To Do – Thursday

Candied tomatoes, romesco, pesto, defrost bones and glace, choc fondant mix, puff pastry out


A day off cooking today so we went to this great little butcher/deli place in Stockholm called Oaxen skafferi to pick up  the beef. The shop is owned by the highly acclaimed restaurant Oaxen in Sweden (currently closed and moving location). This shop comes highly recommended if any Stockholm residents are reading this as the produce is just fantastic quality and they make alot of their own products too. Alot of the Beef is aged in their special chilling unit for 5 weeks but the rib eye I selected was not aged as I played it safe knowing aged beef flavour isn’t for everyone. The staff were friendly, highly knowledgeable and very helpful too.

(pics below are taken from their website)


Back in the kitchen for a couple of hours and this was my list for today

Beef jus, Foccacia weighed ready for sun morn. first stage in fridge, Coconut Anglaise for ice cream, Dry mash, lingonberry and orange caramel, Celeriac puree, Cut carrots for veg, cheese straws, Choc fondants in moulds

Sunday (I wrote times next to each job)

10 sort plates, 30 Bread done, 5 Pepper crisps, 10 Candied carrots, 15 Icing for carrot cake. Cut cake, 10 Aioli, 15 Ice cream, 15 Fondant shallots, 15 Finish starter plate up.2 meats, 3 dressings in dishes, cut bread, Oil and butter for bread. Main 10 Beef sealed, cook medium, 25-40 mins. 10 reheat mash, 5 Cook veg, 2 Celeriac puree, 2 Jus, 2 fondant shallots, Cook dessert,=  fondant, ice cream, caramel, anglaise, carrot garnish, carrot cake, basil

so that all went to plan whilst my partner took care of Nova for the morning.. then we sat down to eat for 12pm and here are the results.

6 month Iberico chorizo and 26 month pata negra, focaccia, aioli, pesto, romesco, home dried tomatoes, salad


Tuck in!

Swedish rib eye, fondant shallots, confit garlic mash, celeriac and white truffle oil puree, beef and red wine vinegar jus



Beef close up

red pepper crisps - peel then dry in oven

carrot cake recipe from Dan Lepard’s book – baking with passion

Carrot cake, coconut and lime ice cream, organic 70% chocolate fondant, lingonberry and orange caramel

carrot crisps

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed sharing 🙂

  1. Nice! I’m drooling! Nova’s gonna grow up with the most refined tastebuds!

  2. I completely missed this post- how wonderful 🙂 Love the break down, the food looks amazing (as usual) and what a great occasion 😀

    • Thanks! glad you enjoyed and yes a wonderful occasion. We get to do it all over again in April when we go as a family to my Parents in the UK 😀

      Sorry I haven’t been round to yours lately, will make time to catch up on reads at the weekend!

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