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My Variation on Pagnotta bread

March 1, 2012

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I finally decided to make my own bread from my new born wild yeast . So I was looking through my trusty Dan Lepard Baking with passion book at his Pagnotta recipe and inspired from this style of bread, I did my own variation on that, based on Dan’s methods and procedures which were simple enough to follow, but using my own wild yeast as the starter.

In total, making the bread was an 9 hour process including dough making, proving and cooking, so just like the slow proving dough, the anticipation and excitement built along with making it too. The technique for making the bread involves making your dough from the initial wild yeast and folding the dough each hour for 3 hours, then shaping the loaf and proving for a further 3-4 hrs before baking.

I have to say it was a pleasure working with this particular style of dough and the smell that came out the oven during baking was just divine! I was taking Nova each time into the kitchen to check on the cooking, hoping she could take in the gorgeous smells emanating from the oven.. wanting her to have her own senses filled with this wonderful delight that one day will be able to taste and hopefully appreciate, perhaps with the same wild yeast too!:)



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  1. Very nice! They look great! what flour did you use? I haven’t really worked with really wet sourdough a lot so perhaps that’s why I don’t really mange to get really pretty big holes all over the bread. And I find really wet and “fragile” dough really hard to transfer into Big Bill without me misshapening them in the process (unless I use baking paper but then I prefer to bake directly on the oven hearth).

    • Thanks! I used organic plain white flour, I want to try a spelt flour starter or a rye that could be interesting.
      Yes, the wetter the dough, the bigger the holes, you are quite right there. as for transferring the dough into big bill, yes that is possible, basically what I did was once the dough was shaped at the final stage before baking, I dusted a baking sheet with some pasta flour as I wanted a fine flour to coat the top of the bread as a finishing touch. I carefully almost poured out the dough from a tin I proved the loaf in onto the floured baking sheet. I then tool the tray to the oven and carefully rolled it off the baking sheet onto a pre heated tray in the oven (My make shift equivalent of your oven hearth) and whatever position it landed in was its final baking position, hence one of the loaves appearing bent! So I guess you can do the same with Big Bill as long as the heat is tolerable whilst you do the transfer I guess. It’s pretty fast so I’d imagine if your fist can take it, then it wont be a problem! Best of luck, I’m sure you will do a great result, maybe with your apple starter? 🙂

  2. The crumb looks so good, lovely and airy. Good job!

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