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Daily breakfast

March 12, 2012

Along with plenty other people, I used to take the lazy route in the mornings (me lazy? now there’s a shock..) with breakfast and hardly ever used to make time for it, maybe grabbing a quick coffee and a bowl of cereal if I was lucky and making the excuse of no time to eat, can eat at work etc and basically my mind and body was for a while just running on adrenaline and stress at work to get through the day… That and grabbing the odd pastry or sausage sandwich here and there throughout the morning at work if I was lucky. Not best practice for sure so for the last couple of years I’ve been making time as it gives you more energy and lifts the spirits in the morning for you to get on with your day. It can also be a very enjoyable meal that you look forward to and doesn’t have to be only a necessity. All it takes is a little planning and advance prep and you can have a breakfast you look forward to and enjoy each day.

My current breakfast has evolved from rivita with phillidelphia, shop bought ham, chopped fresh tomatoes and a coffee for the last couple years to now having toasted home made organic Pagnotta bread,  home made organic candied tomatoes, home baked organic ham and cheese which is all briefly melted in the microwave. That and my cafetiere and that’s me set til lunch!

The cost for this in Swedish Krona, less the coffee comes to approx 6 krona or in £’s, approx £0.55p. Not bad seeing as its home made products from organic ingredients. To buy this in a nice deli or cafe in town would cost at least 7 or 8 times the price and the time to prep it is nothing if you enjoy making it all as it all stores well either in the freezer or fridge for a good while. For those who have been following my blog previously, or are creative and versatile with their cooking will know that all the elements  can be used to form many parts of different meals, not only for breakfast.

What are your favourite home made breakfast items?

Thanks for reading my post, happy cooking all 🙂


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