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Recipe – Home made clotted cream

April 25, 2012

Hi all, long time no blogging for me.. I’ve been busy enjoying family life with my partner Fia and our newborn daughter Nova and currently enjoying my first trip back to the UK with my family to introduce Nova to my parents for the first time! We’re still over visiting them now and all having  a great time spoiling Nova rotten with love and too many new clothes! The best news is that Nova is healthy and doing brilliantly, growing very well and strong thanks to Mum’s finest top grade milk!

Seeing as we are currently in Cornwall, South West UK home of the infamous English afternoon tea, I thought it fitting to blog about one of Cornwall’s many food attributes – the delicious and very moreish clotted cream.

I made it for the first time about 3 weeks ago back home in Sweden after researching the technique online for a while, well half a day’s reading various recipes and forums and as with alot of things, there were many various techniques and schools of thought to producing this luxury product, so I took a few common threads of info and set about experimenting… 

 Essentially people were saying for best results to use unpasteurised milk or cream so I started with cream. Unsurprisingly I couldn’t find any unpasteurised cream in Sweden but read that it was still possible to make it with the heat treated stuff so that’s what I tried. I read about two processes, one cooking in a saucepan ontop of the stove and one in the oven. I tried both, the stove top one first which involved scalding the cream for a few mins then cooling overnight and well, it was frankly unsuccessful and lets leave it there with that one.. with the second attempt this one was to scald the cream at 83c in an oven overnight with no exact time given so I did it for 6 hrs in a cast iron tray, monitoring the temp with a digital thermometer, then cooled it overnight at room temp, (food safety nuts would be freaking out and curdling like sour milk at the thought of that, however I’m still here to tell the tale..) then I placed the clotted cream in the fridge for about 12 hrs more which thankfully worked a treat!!

Recipe – yield 300g clotted cream

  • 500ml heavy\double cream – (I used 36% fat content, highest one available in Sweden)


  • Set oven to 90c\200f
  • Pour cream into an oven proof tray so it is approx 20mm deep
  • Place in oven without a lid for 5-6 hrs
  • Insert a temperature probe to control and monitor temperature
  • The cream will form clots as the cream is scalded at 83c. It will produce a light, yellow crust on the top during cooking
  • Remove from oven and cool until cold enough to transfer into fridge for a good 12 hrs
  • Carefully scoop off the clotted cream from the top of the tray into a container and keep in the fridge
  • You will find that you have approx 15mm thick clotted cream then approx 5mm milky susbstance underneath which can be used for cooking

Chef’s tips

  • The clotted cream willl keep fresh in the fridge for 7 days
  • Great with scones and jam – naturally..
  • Makes a fantastic ice cream
  • This recipe made enough for 15 scones, food cost after currency conversion – 13p per 20g portion of clotted cream to go with a scone, less the electric bill for the oven!



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  1. Andrea Ruff permalink

    Looks amazing Gavin, proper job mate! 😀

    • Lol thanks Andrea 😀 loving it down here in Kernow, home to the best scones in the land!

  2. Wow… I haven’t had clotted cream since I was a kid. I never thought of it as something you could make at home. Thank you!

    • Glad you liked Sybaritica 😀 was fun to make and satisfying eating something not usually made at home like this 🙂

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